What’s The Proof?

At The Proof, we believe the term “thought leader” isn’t reserved for the appointed few. To us, leaders are those with the courage to step forward, grab the mic, and take a stand for a better world. We’re so passionate about your power as an individual to transform humanity that we’ve built you a stage, called in an audience and are doing whatever it takes to put your message into motion.

We believe everybody’s got a message. Will you be the proof?
Become a Speaker

More than a talk

There’s magic in your life story,

and it’s pointing you toward your purpose. On The Proof Journey, you’ll experience the transformation that’s made possible by digging deeply into your personal history to excavate the unique message that you’re here to deliver.

In addition to a spot on our stage, you’ll receive coaching on story, delivery and stage presence, a recorded interview to help expand your audience, and much, much more.

+ Learn what the full Proof journey includes

Learn what the full proof journey includes

Take the Stage

You’ve got a powerful message inside you, and guess what? It’s time to share it.

Humanity is due for a major paradigm shift and it’s going to take heart-centered leaders like you step into your courage and stand for what you really believe in.

You’re here for a reason. Now it’s time to take the stage.

How does it work?

The journey to The Proof Stage starts with a deep-dive interview with our founder, Dan Lievens to explore your passions and hone your message

Once we determine we’re a match The transformational journey begins! Learn how to mine the gems of your own life and map your story to your unique calling. As part of the process, you’ll get coaching, support and a recorded interview to share with your audience.

From here, we’ll support you in crafting your 3-minute talk and prepping for your stage debut. Once you’re part of The Proof Community, you’ll join the family of transformational thought leaders featured in The Proof Portal.

The Tangibles The key resources and marketing materials that amplify your message in the world 
  • An expertly edited recording of your Signature Proof Talk
  • A Deep Dive Interview to share with your audience and grow your business
  • A Signature Portrait Session with expert photographer and co-founder Stacey Lievens
  • A Social media trailers to promote your Proof Talk
  • A feature on our online hub of inspiration, The Proof Portal
Become a Speaker

What’s it like?

According to members of our community, creating your Proof is life changing. But don’t take it from us.

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