About Us

Do you believe everyone has a calling, purpose, inner gift, or soul contract?

We do. We also think that when everyone embraces those inner gifts, we’ll be living in a much brighter world. We hope that by highlighting the journeys of those who have already stepped onto their paths, we’ll be able to inspire others to take the leap as well. The change agents we work with have amazing stories of how they discovered their callings, and we created The Proof to amplify these stories and encourage others to write their own. 

We believe everybody’s got a message. Will you be The Proof?

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Meet Dan & Stacey

The Proof is an extension of our own deeply held belief that all people are called to leave their unique mark on the world.

Through amplifying the unique stories and missions of global visionaries, The Proof reveals the kaleidoscopic beauty and infinite possibility of our humanity, and proof positive of a transformed world.

– Dan & Stacey Lievens