Alex Schlinsky

The Ultimate Fan Of The Underdog

Alex Schlinsky, former UFC and Miami Dolphins journalist; founder and CEO of Prospecting On Demand™ that’s helped over 150 entrepreneurs create six- or seven-figure businesses

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Alex Schlinsky is a renowned business coach, speaker and entrepreneur.

He is the Founder and CEO of Prospecting On Demand™, a company specializing in helping marketing agency owners implement the systems and strategies necessary to scale their company and become successful CEO’s.

Alex is decorated speaker and author, making appearances at college universities and being featured in renowned publications such as Entrepreneur Magazine, Forbes, and more.

“The more uncomfortable you get, the more comfortable you will become”

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I cried when the Miami Heat won their NBA championship in 2014. These were tears of unbridled joy. The type of happiness you imagine when you work tirelessly towards a goal… And then achieve it.

Although winning is an absolute thrill, I have to admit, I have a thing for the underdog. It’s probably because I was raised a Miami Dolphins fan and anyone who knows football post-Dan Marino knows they are the poster child for the underdog.

One of my family’s rituals was watching the Dolphins every Sunday. Sports was a family experience. A time for camaraderie, celebration, but mostly yelling at the TV with my Mom Dad and brothers. It was never really about the GAMES per se. My mom wasn’t even the most raving fan. It was more so that we were doing it together. As a family.

When I left my family for college at 16, I remember feeling pressured to pick a major. “Hey kid! Decide what you want to do with the rest of your life.” I’d think: “Is there a major where I can create an impact? Where I can really help people?” My mom was an incredible art teacher, and my dad a financial advisor. What would I do to make a difference?

I chose psychology because it seemed the natural path towards impacting and helping others. Specifically underdogs. Those who have had some life experiences that made them feel insufficient or unworthy. I wanted to help THOSE people.

But, I was so scared when I started college. The sense of dread I had not knowing the future made me feel uncomfortable constantly. One day I was confident I’d become a clinical psychologist, the next day I was going to go to law school to fight for families.

What I realized was that my passion was directly related to my fandom. For me to feel aligned, I have to be a fan of something, someone or a some greater cause. I need to feel PURPOSE.

See, my parents often told me, “You can do anything you set your mind to.”

For too long I disregarded that fact because I felt too sappy saying “I just want to help people.” What good can I do without a plan? When I graduated, I felt like the ultimate underdog. At 21 years old I had no path or plan, just like 16 year old Alex. Nothing had changed. But 3x NBA Champion and Miami Heat legend Dwayne Wade’s motto inspired me: “Fall down 7 times, get up 8.”

I wish I knew then what I know now: The more uncomfortable you get, the more comfortable you will become. Success is a mindset, not an achievement. Giving it your best is all that you can be asked. Every opportunity is a chance for transformational growth.

Today, I’ve confidently found my niche. I’m the ultimate fan of the underdog. Not just the archetypal down on their luck business owner. I mean way deeper than that. The underdog who is unsure of themselves, who feels imposter syndrome, burnt out, overworked, and just frankly tired. I can see the fear and pain in my client’s eyes as they drown in negative affirmations, an overload of work, and lack of clarity on the path ahead. I know this panic all too well, and even better, I know how to coach and navigate them through it. To the highest of highs and the lowest of lows, a true fan is always there to support, and I’m the ultimate fan of the underdog.

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