Andrea Sprague

Food Can Heal

Andrea is a Health Supportive Chef & Nutritional Therapy Practitioner. She helps clients learn to love food again after food allergies or a healing crisis causes them to radically change their diets.  It was her own experience with illness and being diagnosed with food allergies that led her to Culinary school. Now she helps people create a style of eating that supports their health. Her desire to help everyone heal through food has led her to coach other Chefs on how to cook all the healing diets so they can go out and help more people.

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Andrea Sprague lost her Mother to stomach cancer when she was 26 years old. Andrea also experienced a healing crisis of her own when she was 33 that radically changed how she viewed food and health.  Being diagnosed with food allergies helped Andrea find a path to healing, it even led her to leave her corporate job to attend culinary school so she could relearn how to cook for herself. She then became a full time Health Supportive Chef so that she could help others eat better and feel better.

Andrea’s focus has always been on cooking healing diets and helping people enjoy food again after a food allergy diagnosis or a healing crisis.  Her goal is to shorten the learning curve for her clients around eliminating foods like gluten and dairy. Andrea has a great talent for removing common allergens from her meals and they are still delicious and satisfying.

She has a passion for helping people live their best life, with a focus on the role nutrition plays in their overall wellbeing.  She has an intuitive knack for listening to people’s health histories and pinpointing when their health changed.  Andrea’s mission is to heal people through food.

She also has a series of online courses all focused on cooking allergy free that are designed for both the home cook and professional chefs.

“This gave me first hand experience of the power that food can have over our health…… or our illness.”

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I went to my first Weight Watchers meeting when I was 10 years old. I was always a little heavier than the other kids.  I never really slimmed down, my body just always held onto a little extra weight.

Then when I was 26 years old, my Mother was diagnosed with stomach cancer. She didn’t want to do radiation or chemo so we both started frantically researching about anything that could heal her. This was my first exposure to literature that talked about the relationship between food and our health. I was scared and desperate for answers to my own health, with my direct lineage having stomach cancer……

So I decided that a vegan diet would save me. And I felt great for awhile. And then I got lazy and leaned all the processed convenience vegetarian foods. I found myself at 240 pounds, around a size 22/24.

But the weight wasnt the worst part. I had daily headaches, thought I had arthritis in all my joints, and I had bright red, hot cheeks.  My headaches were so regular that a never went anywhere with my little bottle of excedrin. All the doctors said that nothing was wrong with me. And then I was getting a facial from a girl named Kristen.

Kristen looked at my bright red cheeks and asked if I had ever been tested for food allergies. See, Kristen had a perspective about the condition of my skin that none of those doctors had. So I went to go see Kristen’s nutritionist who ran a bunch of tests and came back and told me to go off all gluten and dairy.  I was so miserable that I was willing to do anything she said….

So I changed everything about my diet. And the miracles started to happen.

Within one week, my headaches were gone.  In 2 to 3 weeks, my joints stopped hurting. Over the next 4 to 6 months I lost a radical amount of weight, without doing anything else but just clean up my diet. This gave me first hand experience of the power that food has over our health or our illness.  Now I know that when I put on a little extra weight or a symptom comes back that something in my life is out of balance. Food is medicine and our bodies show us all the signs. The signs were even in that 10 year old little girl.  I wasnt able to heal my Mother, so I am committed to helping people find their balance, finding a way of eating that supports their health.  Your body can heal itself, you just have to learn how to listen to it.

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