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Brad Newman is a trained drug overdose interventionist turned sales solution savage. His experience with drug recovery and interventions has given him a unique ability too deeply connect with human beings during times of decision and new beginnings. He’s taking his natural skills to the world of entrepreneurship & sales by launching the Breakthrough Selling Experience; where he advises, educates, teaches, coaches, and leads others in every sales conversation and interaction. It’s not uncommon for his clients to have 20k weeks, 30k weeks, or even 30k days! He’s worked with online marketing legends like Scott Oldford, Sam Ovens, and Brad Hart inking over $2.3 million dollars in deals over the past 19 months. What most people say about him during his training or when the actually get on the sales conversation is…”wow, that was fun! Here is my credit card!”
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“We both started crying and totally penetrated the relationship of father and son. This was my first experience where I recognized that I was happening to the world.”

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Gym, Tan, Laundry. I was a Jersey Shore Brat. Fist pumps started at the breakfast table.

I lived up to MTV’s stereotype and partied my ass off. Drinking, drugs, and girls.

Marijuana, Adderall and Cocaine was my poison…and my love. I was spinning out of control and my family took notice. I would go off the radar for months, people not really know if I was dead or alive. Especially my mother…

My daily thoughts consisted of…“More drugs”, “I hate myself”, “I can never do anything right”

“I wish the pain would stop, I wish I would just…die”. The world was happening to me…I was a victim to it.

During August of 2014, I had a brief moment of clarity. A download of spirit working through me. It said in a whisper…”Call Dad”. So I did. I haven’t spoken to him all summer long.

We sat on a bench overlooking the ocean. Hesitantly I said, “I’ve been struggling with drugs…I think I need help”. He sat there quietly, didn’t move, just received it. I felt a weight off my shoulders. Finally, TRUTH. But It wasn’t enough. I just wanted to FEEL better about what was happening. I wasn’t truly ready to…ya know…transform. I just wanted to be told everything was okay. My dad left and I went back to my room to start using drugs again.

But then I looked out my window. My dad was back….with his girlfriend. WTF!?

He barged into my room and declared, “we’re getting you out of here…lets fucking go”

I didn’t know what was happening. Looking back, my dad was staging an intervention ON ME!? My dad took a stand for my life. It was real. It was uncomfortable. But, I was alive.

I reluctantly went into rehab but It took 4 more months of misery.

Fast forward two years later at an AA meeting. I’m clean and sober. I gave my medallion to my Dad. “Thank you for taking a stand for me” We both started crying and totally penetrated the relationship of father and son. This was my first experience where I recognized that I was happening to the world.

Fast forward two more years.. I live in San Diego now.

I heard a knock on my door at my home. I pick my head up.I wasn’t expecting guests

There was a kid named Sean at more door. Just got out of rehab. Suicidal. No hope. Wanted to die. I sprung into action. I knew exactly who to be and what to do in the moment.

To take a stand for his life, just like it was done for me. To create access points to enter into his world. To acknowledge him, to be committed to him, to be vulnerable with him, to share with my life. All of these access points allowed me to show him a new way of life.

He’s alive today.. Just like me. My Dad took a stand for me that day on the sandy beach of Jersey Shore. He modeled masculine vulnerability in a way that I now admire and use every single day of my life. I am my father’s son, now committed to standing for others so they can stand for themselves.

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