Christina Miglino

Healing the Inner Child

Christina Miglino Christina Miglino is a Shamanic Practitioner, hypnotherapist and intuitive coach, who has traveled all over the US and Canada as a Teacher, Healer and Public Speaker. She has hosted and taught many workshops on empowerment from a Shamanic perspective, on the West Coast. She currently has a mentorship program and an online group program called, The Sea Within.

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Christina is passionate about supporting women in upleveling their soul’s ascension process, stepping into their power and listening more to their intuition so that they can have the life and business that they were meant for.

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I’m in a room with four white walls, sitting on a white hospital bed, my head in my hands, I’m 8 years old and I have had a migraine for a month..

I smell Tiger Balm- muscle rub with herbs and menthol. I have applied it to my temples so many times, I have burned holes in the sides of my head.

I’m sitting here and I realize that I am alone.

They moved me into the child psychiatric ward of Children’s Hospital when I was 8 because know one actually knew what was wrong with me.

My parents were exhausted. They had done everything they could. They had two little kids at home and they were hours away from me.

I am sitting here one night, looking out the window and I am praying to God to take me away from here. This was not how my life was supposed to go.

And then, God answered my prayer in a way that I could have never expected. I had, what I would later understand to be a near death experience.

I left my body and was blasted out into this tunnel of bright white light. And two enormous angels appeared to me. They were dripping with gold and beaming with love. There was harps and music it was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen.

And the angels had a message for me. They said, “We are here to protect you. Everything is going to be okay. You are meant to get through this and you are going to help other people.”

The next morning I jumped out of bed, ran over to my little desk and drew a picture of the angels, my best drawing.

I had a completely renewed experience of myself. Not only did I know that I was gonna be fine I knew that I had a mission in my heart that was bigger than myself.

I am here to empower all of the inner child in all of us.

Fast forward 22 years.

I am in a room with four white walls, standing next to a white hospital bed. In this bed is my little sister and she is dying of a rare kidney disease.

I close my eyes and I realize that I am being called to hold this same white light, this time for her.

My sister was also an abandoned child. We adopted her the day that she was born. And although everyone did their best with my sister, her experience was still abandonment. And even if we don’t call it that, experiences like this stay deep within us, in our cells. Because when we cut the bonds of love, it does something to us.

So I am standing here holding this channel of light and showing her her guides and angels, diseased family members who were just waiting for her right on the other side.

My brother was in the room too, and I showed him how to hold the light. We sang and danced and held the space for her to go. Then the angels said, “it’s time.”

I believe we can heal 7 generations into our past and 7 generations into the future in any one moment, that’s how powerful we are. Science is proving this as we speak.

I have gone back to empower my own inner child, I have got back for my sister’s and so many of the inner children of my clients.

There is one more child that I want to hold and empower and that is my own child. I want to give birth to someone of a new generation. A generation of people who never understand the experience of abandonment but only the gift of unconditional love.

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