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Healing Eyes

Dr. Veronica Anderson is a Biofield & Intuitive Medicine Practitioner, a certified Functional Medicine Practitioner, and currently, is a fellow with the AIHM program. She is also trained in homeopathy through the CEDH. Dr. Veronica is the bestselling author of “But Now I See: A Medical Intuitive Surgeon’s Guide to the Meaning of Your Illness and How to Heal from Chronic and Incurable Disease”, which had the distinction of being a “#1 Hot New Release” in holistic medicine.

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Dr. Veronica began her medical career as an ophthalmologist after graduating from Princeton University and Rutgers Medical School (with honors) and now has the distinction of being both a licensed physician and a practicing psychic. Dr. Veronica has appeared on national television, including CNN and Fox News, and participates in multiple syndicated radio shows.

In her programs, Dr. Veronica uses her gifts and talents to help people with strange, rare, and peculiar health issues who feel like they just haven’t gotten proper answers or relief from the traditional healthcare system. Dr. Veronica delivers programs to her clients through a virtual practice, via video conference, in both group and private coaching sessions. Her Intuitive “Rejuvenation Journey” program guides people to wellness by, not only working on the physical aspects of wellness holistically, but also through unlocking and clearing the emotional, spiritual, and energetic triggers of disease, as well as its root causes.

Dr. Veronica’s also guides doctors and other healthcare practitioners on how to use biofield, energy and intuitive medicine skills in assessing patients and adding signature spiritual services to their traditional practices through The Spiritual Abundance Blueprint, The C.A.R.E Solution and The Physicians Intuitive Intensive.

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Throughout my life, my eyes have been my bodyguard.

At 8 years old, picnicking on the Washington Mall with my parents, I saw humanity differently.

My eyes noticed this old black man with nappy gray hair and dirt green baggy pants falling off his body.

As he rummaged through the trash looking for food, I asked my mother if I could give him the lunch she made for me. As she nodded, I handed my brown bag to the homeless man. I stood silent as he tore apart the paper bag, ate the ham sandwich, an orange bag of frito-lays and bit into the bright yellow pair.

I’ll never forget the image of the fruity juices running down his chin. In that moment, I witnessed a brief healing of compassion.

Fast forward 40 years, I walked into the kitchen of my beautiful new home. I saw this strange boy standing with my husband and a some woman cooking at my stove. All of a sudden I lost it. I snapped. I ran over to him, started hitting him, my eyes fierce and full of rage. All I could see was bitter deception.

If I had a gun there would have been three dead people in that room. But my eyes protected me, it showed me to look inward for my healing.


My father grew up a poor Black boy in Philadelphia – fatherless. He always wanted to be a doctor but there was no money for that. He did become a hard as an electrical engineer, but he also became a very sick man with diabetes and dementia. Today he sits in a nursing home and I feel really guilty, like I failed him.

One day I went to visit him. From his wheelchair he lead me into the dayroom. He looked at me with, his tired and frail eyes, and in a moment of clarity leaned forward, looked directly at me and whispered, “I want you to know I’m very proud of you and I love you.”

I’ve dedicated my life so that people can see again. In my training, I’ve learned that every disease shows itself in the eyes. They are portals to your body.

Everyone you meet, every experience you have, everything you see, your trauma and your dramas.

Your sight is an opportunity for healing and a gift for someone else to you.

I thank the homeless man, the betrayers in my kitchen and my father for their roles and allowing me to see the portal to my own soul and begin my spiritual path.

You see, you don’t need pills to get well. You need to understand the messages and meanings of your illnesses and injuries.

If you are open to see the truth, will protect you. Because your eyes are your bodyguard to your soul.

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