Glen Wilcox

Infinite Unconditional Love

Dr. Glenn Wilcox has worked for over three decades to help evolve Wise Medicine in New Mexico. To the solid base of the time-proven effectiveness of oriental medicine, he has integrated the best of natural medicine from around the world with the most effective developments in modern biomedicine. The deep wisdom of the past and the exciting science of the present are merged harmoniously.

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My granddaughter, Hazel, approached me at her 4th birthday. Grandpa, will you come to a meeting with me? Yes, I said . She said I need to meet with my attorney, about a very important employment issue. I said where’s the meeting? She pointed at the treehouse. There, she had a intense, full on meeting with her imaginary attorney. She paused, looked at me and said grandpa, we’re done here. Now, I’m going to pour love into you.

With that, she raised her hands up in the air, skyward, pointed them at me and began to tremble. And I felt such immense love from this little girl. She then relaxed, hugged me and said I love you grandpa. Young Hazels innocence, her loving powerful spirit, reignited my life journey. I was blessed to be born in a near perfect Canadian family. And I was also blessed to be born with real academic and athletic gifts. Although I excelled on the outside, I did not feel comfortable on the inside. My teen years were really focused on a spiritual search., I had a real longing to connect with something more.

At age 22 I hit emotional bottom. It was just a few days before winter solstice, 1973. I filled a gallon jug with water, wrapped myself in a down sleeping bag. I vowed that I would sit still until I received answers and experiences that I longed for. 4 days later, I was graced with the most profound experience. All of my questions were answered, and so much more. The finale of that experiences, that epiphany, was a presentation of my life path. Because during that experience, the one caveat that I was given was, don’t ever teach anything unless you know it’s the truth. The fact that yes, fear exists, is there, but the overwhelming sense from that experience was one of infinite, unconditional love, that we are bathed in,and that we are connected by, always. My young granddaughter someone knew that when she was so young. And I propose to you that that is our birthright, each and every one of us. Right now, and always.

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