Julia Bernadsky

Find Your Amulet

Julia Bernadsky is an entrepreneur, artist, designer & the founder of Untamed Hearts. Her art is designing beautiful things and creating experiences for people around the globe.  Because each human makes an important contribution in the world, Julia is dedicated to awakening the energy of peace and contributing to the positive scale in the global shift of consciousness.

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Born in the soulful city Kiev (Ukraine), Julia and her then husband came to New York in 1989 with her two month old baby, Boris. Packed with only 2 suitcases full of mostly baby supplies, $25 in cash, big dreams and a lot of passion for life, Julia was very fortunate to begin a career in fashion.  Her opportunity to transform it into a glamorous position working with high – end brands as a Creative Director in Digital Product & Experience Design. Recently, she embraces live as an entrepreneur, so she could merge both worlds into one. Her latest project – Untamed Hearts – is a fashion brand that is built on a foundation of love, a passion for what is possible and an unwavering belief in world peace. The unique value Untamed Hearts provides is the injection of positive energy and beauty into each object. As Julia says, “Everything must be gorgeous – it’s non negotiable!” Beauty itself caries divine energy.  But most important layer is meaningful, it’s what makes her work so special and so powerful.

“My gift to you tonight  – go Find Your Amulet! That object that holds and Elevates YOUR Energy Vibration and Supports you on Your Life’s Journey. Find YOUR piece that reflects WHO YOU REALLY ARE, makes you FEEL LOVED and reminds that you are NEVER ALONE.”

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It is 1989. Kiev, Ukraine.
Just a few months before the huge communist empire of the Soviet Union is about to collapse.

I am 19, Nine months pregnant and ready to give birth any minute.

As I lay on the couch, convincing my body to slow down the labor process, I watched my friends pack my life into two suitcases. I thought “as long as my baby is born on the other side of the iron curtain… As long as I step inside the plain, it’s all good, it’s no longer Russia…”

The last time I saw my family was 6 month ago. I remember how devastated my mom was. She was consumed by her fear that she would never see me again. Leaving our home country without me was her greatest pain.

My father had a vision that we will all come to America where we will be free and be able to rebuild our lives, create a home where we belong and are safe. But the only way this dream could become reality is if they go first, they go now, while the doors are still open.

Before my family left for good, my mom gave me a little gold necklace she created from me and engraved with these words: “I am praying for you my little daughter. Mama”

All her love, her desire to protect me, to hold me, to be with me and help me, all that she had in her, she, without realizing it, encapsulated into this little object.
From that moment on I would wear this necklace all the time.

Time to go to the airport… I was very lucky because I didn’t look pregnant. I was tall, lean and deliberately wearing a mini skirt with a large tunic over it – nobody could even suspect that I was pregnant! And that was my ticket to get on the plane. Little that they knew I was having contractions… I was asking my baby to please wait a just a little bit longer… I held my necklace and was saying to myself “go without the fear, it will be all good”

It was a miracle – we finally arrived in Vienna. And my son Boris was born in Vienna’s most beautiful hospital. My son was born in a FREE WORLD!!!

Using the last few cents we had, my husband was able to make a very short phone call to my family in New York City, to tell them that Boris is born, we are safe in Vienna and everything is good.

This was only the beginning of our journey. Ahead we had lots more to go through until we finally reached America. The necklace my mom made for me became my amulet. This piece allowed me to connect and embody the energy needed to go through this journey. It held that unconditional love that is stronger than any tests and challenges in life. It helped me to trust myself. It helped me to learn how to be vulnerable and at the same time to have courage and strength at the moment I needed the most.

Isn’t it fascinating how objects can seed a powerful feeling of energy and love!? Every single object around us has energy… My gift to you tonight – go Find Your Amulet! That object that holds and Elevates YOUR Energy Vibration and Supports you on Your Life’s Journey. Find YOUR piece that reflects WHO YOU REALLY ARE, makes you FEEL LOVED and reminds that you are NEVER ALONE.”

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