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I have a dream for my kids…

Kimberly Baydarian is a traditionally trained medical doctor. She attended medical school at Wake Forest University School of Medicine in 2000 and completed my Family Medicine residency at York Hospital where I served as chief resident. She is board certified in Family Medicine and practices family medicine in both a community health center and in private practice.

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Baydarian loves her primary care patients. However, her career and life path were forever changed in August 2015 when she was injured by a toxic reaction to an antibiotic. The toxicity from the antibiotic was so severe that she was told that the sudden onset of peripheral neuropathy may be permanent. Peripheral neuropathy is when the nerves in your feet and hands are poisoned and symptoms can vary between numbness, buzzing, and tingling to burning, chronic pain, and severe physical and emotional disability.

When traditional doctors had no answers for her, she sought out many amazing alternative medical providers. In addition, she took it upon herself to dig deep into the root cause of her symptoms and that is when she found functional medicine. Learning functional medicine gave her hope and a path to recover. She has since completed all the course work for the Institute of Functional Medicine and the Kalish Institute’s Functional Medicine Mentorship Program.

Because of her fight to healing and reversing this major health event, Kimberly has added functional medicine to her Primary Care practice. This defining addition has enabled her to become an expert in combining natural and traditional methods of healing.

The Healing began when I saw myself as whole even before I got there

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It’s pitch black and it’s the middle of the night. I’m in my baby daughter’s nursery. Lily-Rose is only nine months old. We are both so warm and snuggled in the glider- rocking back and forth. And I can feel her contentment as she is falling back to sleep in a little breast-milk coma-cradled in my arms. Usually I would have fallen back to sleep too.

But this night, this night was different. In the stillness and blackness of the room, I become acutely aware that something is wrong. I can feel a strong vibrational buzzing extending from my fingertips to my mid forearms and from my toes to my mid calves. My nerves are on fire.

And I know that this is bad. I know that this is really bad.

Fast forward and I’m leaving my third neurologists appointment. I go out to my car and I have what I call “my parking lot moment”. You know the one when you leave the doctor and you sit in your car, and you think “There has got to be a better way!”

You see a common antibiotic had poisoned my nervous system and each of the three neurologist offered me more prescription drugs to cover up the symptoms of my damaged nerves.

But I didn’t want to take more drugs. I wanted something different. I wanted to heal.

I remember this day so vividly. It was a cold misty gray day in Baltimore. There’s frost on the windows of my minivan. I make sure all the windows are up. And I just scream. I scream because I was so frustrated. No one’s listening to me!. And no one has any answers- just more drugs with more possible side effects and toxicities!

I wanted to heal. My body was screaming out and I didn’t want to just cover it up with more drugs. I felt so alone and I felt abandoned by my colleagues in medicine. I realized that the conventional medical path wasn’t going to help me to heal. I had to learn how the body heals naturally. I had to abandon my conventional training that taught me to gather symptoms and silo them into medical subspecialties and prescribe the best drugs.

Instead I began to see the body as a whole. As multiple interconnected body systems that weren’t just physical. It was the connectivity of the body, the mind and the spirit. And THAT-that was the beginning of an amazing ascension to the most beautiful place I could have ever imagined. And that’s when the healing began. The healing began when I saw myself as whole, even before I got there.

Meanwhile back at the Baydarian house of 4 kids and 2 dogs … that little 9 month old baby girl is now a spunky 4 year! Last week before I left for a conference. She asked me, Mama how old are you? 45. I replied. Lily does this thing where she holds your face in her hands when she really wants your full attention. So she held my cheeks in her little hands and she looked me in the eyes, like only a 4 year can, and she said, “Mama you’ve practiced enough. “And I looked back at her and I said, “Practiced enough for what Lily?” And she said,  “It’s time for you to save the world Mama.”

Lily Rose I promise you I will. Thank you.

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