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Mary is uniquely gifted with the ability to see and help you feel confident and fully empowered in expressing the Real You. Her joy is seeing you step into the fully empowered person you were born to be. Her intention is for you to joyfully share your specialized gifts in your unique way. Mary can help you be the authentic you; the expert in your field; the one you have longed for others to see as well.

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Mary found her entrepreneurial spirit as a young adult.  But where it really flourished and expanded was during her real estate career. She always loved the sense of connection with people and had an innate knack for hearing the “unsaid” and following her intuition. That combination resulted in an environment of discovery and exploration.  In her self-discovery of “why” and in her marriage with Vince, she learned about talents and gifts, purpose and mission. What she teaches in their Imagine Miracles programs is that business is “part” of her Purpose and is part of learning and refining her talents and gifts.

In partnering with Mary, Your Pathfinder to Your Real Self, she is devoted to you not just finding a connection with the Real You, your essence, your message and your audience; but carrying that connection into every area of your life, into what makes you happy and feel good about yourself as well. You will shine; attracting more of the right people in complete resonance with you energetically and how you present yourself physically. People will be connected with you and open to hearing your message. Simply, they will be ready to work with you!

Mary, and her husband Vince, founded Imagine Miracles, which guides people of all walks of life in how to discover, design and create their Miracle Life. Vince and Mary are also the founding members of a membership community, ImagineNation Miracles. He is the host of a weekly podcast, The Miracle U. Mary and Vince wrote and produced the Miracle Life Method, online training programs and associated workshops based on the Your Unique Purpose Formula and the C.R.E.AT.E. model. His other programs combined with these trainings open the door to the life you are meant to live.

“Imagine a world where we are all seen and understood. If we all uncovered who we really are and why we are here … then we could share our REAL selves with the world.”

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At 4 years old, I had an inner knowing…an inner guidance so powerful that I would often shock adults. Just imagine a sweet little girl in the car on her way to get ice cream with her dad and innocently announcing with all certainty … “you’re not my father.” I don’t know how I knew, I just knew and I’m still not sure he did. I even remember how he reacted – annoyed and frustrated, not knowing what to say or how to act, shocked by the confidence in what I had to say.

I’ve heard and followed that voice of this inner guidance often throughout my life. However, it hasn’t always been as clear and strong as that day in my childhood when I shocked two people; the man who thought he was my father and wasn’t, and myself.  The memory of this impacts me today. As I grew, my voice of guidance was drowned out by the voices of the ego or personality I developed to protect me from the pains I experienced as a child and a young adult.

As a child, feeling lost, alone, and abandoned, due to my mother being away on business or pre-occupied, I automatically developed sub-personalities to protect me. There were many of them—one to protect me when I was feeling alone, one for not feeling adequate or enough to the people around me, and even one for when I felt stupid and had nothing of importance to say. These voices in my head, sometimes so loud and commanding, the ones I created for the benefit of myself, deterred me from that inner knowing I once knew and followed so closely.

These automatic protections followed me into adulthood, and the inner-feelings I was trying to hide didn’t end there. I attracted the father of my children and continued the pattern. My marriage with him, though much of it was good, left me feeling even more abandoned, alone, and unrecognized than before. The voices got louder, angrier, and meaner…my inner guidance was all but gone, or buried so deep I couldn’t hear it on the surface. Or maybe, it tried to help me, but got drowned out by the stronger voices around it. When it told me to get out, take my boys, and leave my husband…my ego convinced me that I couldn’t survive without him. I had felt unseen and misunderstood my whole life, despite these automatic protections that I thought were for my benefit.

I’ve learned these voices are trying to protect us, but that they really hold us back, and keep us small.  All the while, your inner knowing and inner guidance have been available to provide the answers just like it was when you were younger.  I believe people can become partners with those voices and can master their mind.

Imagine a world where we are all seen and understood. If we all uncovered who we really are and why we are here … then we could share our REAL selves with the world.

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