Robyn Benson

The Advocate for the Unseen

Robyn Benson is a Doctor of Oriental Medicine and Founder of ART (Amplified Regenerative Therapies) at Santa Fe Soul. Previous to her years as a Doctor of Oriental Medicine, many events occurred that changed her as a person.

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He was 7 months old and I was five. My brother David Alden was born with a hole in his heart, a cleft palate and brain damage. When I held him in my arms, and he cried and his soulful sounds of pain ran through me. Pain, that later created a hole in my heart, not understanding why his life was so short.

I knew the day my brother died, that I wanted to become a doctor. Truthfully, I really wish that i could have been the doctor that saved his life. The sadness, the chaos, in my roman catholic family. My mom grieved deeply, and my dad, emotionally armored himself, working really hard. Despite his struggles, at a time that we were living on welfare and foodstamps.

Meanwhile, I’m in Mrs. Luke’s kindergarten class, emotionally disconnected, she didn’t understand me, she couldn’t relate to me, thought I was unusual and felt it was best to hold me back a grade. Which meant I was in the same grade as my sister, 11 months younger than me. This decision devastated me and I prayed every night to God, to someone, that would help me get out of this prison. And it was In seventh grade when my prayers were answered.

For my health class, I wrote an autobiography where I got to share this injustice and how horribly it had impacted me and my sister. And to my surprise, my story, my words, my truth touched her heart. And she shared it with the school principal who shared it with the school board. And the school board unanimously, voted to allow me to skip 8th grade and be reunited with my kindergarten friends in 9th grade. For the first time in my life, I truly wanted to live and I knew then that my life really mattered.

So theses two early childhood events, shaped me in becoming the woman I am today. By losing my brother, I found my purpose and that 7 year experience helped me find my voice. And I learned a very valuable lesson in taking a stand for someone. I feel committed and I’ve been committed my entire career to take a stand for my patients, my friends, my family, and more importantly, help people take a stand for themselves. Knowing that you too, can have a second chance, a fresh start, a new beginning, no matter what pain, no matter what suffering that has happened in your life.

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