Suzanne Glorie

Idle hands are a devil’s workshop

Suzanne Glorie is a passionate branding strategist. She has over 25 years of experience in marketing/communication and branding. She has been an entrepreneur for the last 15 years. Prior to that, she worked at multinationals such as Hewlett Packard and PTC. She helps entrepreneurs find and communicate their true identity, gain exposure and build communities.

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Suzanne’s strength is her ability to connect, to get the best out of her clients and to effectively translate the entrepreneur’s vision to fit the needs of their ideal customer in a creative, attractive and distinctive way. She works with a team of high-quality brand professionals.

This way she’s able to offer complete branding and rebranding packages, including strategy, art-direction, (web)design, brand awareness campaigns, brand development, lead generation campaigns, etc.

Branding is the DNA , the identity of a brand. It is Suzanne’s firm believe that a brand can only become a lasting success when it touches the hearts and lives of people. The only way to do that is when it comes from the heart. She works best with companies that have a strong vision, a clear WHY and want to make a positive change in this world.

“If we want to touch the lives of people we can only do that through a heart to heart connection. Only then change will happen. Now, that’s Glory”

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“Ledigheid is des duivels oorkussen”
I was born as the youngest of six. My dad was a farmer. We did not have much. In order to make ends meet, my mom cleaned the toilets at a camping place nearby and my dad worked two part-time jobs. He literally worked himself to death, he passed away at age 67.

Fast forward 20 years. I am married and have 2 daughters. As an entrepreneur I work 70 hours a week and struggle with my work-life balance. The business is growing. My husband joins the company, we hire employees and invest heavily. All goes well until in 2009 the crisis hits. We lose it all. I end up in a bad dream. Everything has fallen apart, my business, my marriage, my home…
I have to start all over again.
I was always this tough, proud, self-made woman. I was taught to always work hard and to never depend on anyone else. “Ledigheid is des duivels oorkussen”, or in English, “Idle hands are a devil’s workshop”, was my dad’s favourite saying. Mine was: “Big girls don’t cry”.

I had to totally reinvent myself. After my divorce I did not have anything, no money, no nothing. I had my 2 little girls to take care of. Friends and family came to me with furniture, clothes, food.. I had to lay down my pride and accept help. Laying down this tough harness of mine truly made a huge shift in my life. I remember one day I went to the gym to terminate my membership because I could not afford it anymore, a dear friend stepped up and insisted to pay the fee because she knew how important it was for me. Changing my identity allowed me to get closer to myself and to really embrace my life’s purpose, which is helping entrepreneurs find and communicate their true identity.

I strongly believe that entrepreneurs can change this world for the better. There are so many great ideas out there that could really make a difference if they only had the exposure and communities they deserve and need.

I was born into the family name of Glorie and that is no coincidence. I am meant to make a difference and I can only do that through my core values:

Faith – Trust and Love

Unshakeable faith is the knowing that there is a greater force guiding us, that all is and will be OK.

Trust is the vision of a better future. Trust is the fuel that keeps faith alive And love, oh love…. Love connects everything. If we want to touch the lives of people we can only do that through a heart to heart connection. Only then change will happen

Now, that’s Glory

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