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Life Happens For Us.

Dr. TK is a Functional Energy Medicine expert.  Using a combination of ancient energy medicine techniques and advance technologies, he created a coherence information pain relief cream.  He has a 25 years passion mission of help everyone find PEACE and live a pain free life.

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We are the Star-Trek of ‘bio-hacking’ pain cream. Dr. TK Huynh is a compounding pharmacist and a Functional Energy Medicine expert. Using ancient energy medicine and the latest technology, he formed what is known as “Functional Energy Medicine”.  He has a fellowship with the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine in Functional Regenerative and Anti-Aging Medicine and a Doctorate of Pharmacy from MCPHS. Tired of seeing only addictive side effects of prescription pain pills, he set out to find a true solution to pain. He discovered the mind-body energy connections to pain through coherence bio-information and  PEACE. Using RED light and biofeedback informations imprinted into the pain cream, it can help the user let go of all the emotional stress and find unconditional love and PEACE. In this state of PEACE, our pain intensity changes. MindBody Matrix’s 25 years mission is to help 1 million veterans find PEACE with our buy1give1 to a veteran program.

“I believe that there are certain events in our lives, some are big and some are small, some tragic and some emotionally stressful are all meant to have purpose. It’s really the Universe’s way of telling us how to live a more meaningful life.”

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Your wife is paralyzed from the neck down. In those few seconds, my heart felt like it dropped deep into my wrenching stomach. How could this be happening to a young, healthy woman?
Paralyzed from the neck down.

Standing in that emergency room, hearing those eight words, the palm of my hand was sweating my knees were trembling. It felt like the foundation of my life was yanked underneath my feet. Life was at a standstill.

I was trying to hold on to that edge of that gurney in the state of shock and confusion, confused with what the doctor was telling me.

We have run all the lab tests available to us. There’s no physical injury. Her CT and MRI are normal her kidneys and liver functions are normal.

There’s no drugs in her system. There is no toxin in her system. Right now, we ruled out, heart attack and stroke. We’re just waiting for the ICU to open up a room to admit her.
We don’t have an answer for you. In those few minutes, it felt like it was an eternity.

I knew that I had to snap out of that haze and take action. At that moment armed with a background in functional medicine and energy medicine, I knew deep down inside that they got to be a better solution.

At that moment I refuse to accept what the conventional doctor was telling me that they don’t have an answer.

I knew that if I want my wife back, I have to take action. I have to take action to give my children the mother, that they needed.

Using what I call functional energy medicine that I learned from my mentor Harry Massey, and Dr. Joe Dispensea. I started to scan for energy blockages. And one by one. I cleared them working diligently for four hours. I saw a glimmer of hope, her toe started to move. And then I continue for another half an hour. Her fingers started to move. And then in another half an hour. Boom, just like that she sat up. And you know what the first thing she said when she sat up, “I really have to go pee”.

I pulled out her catheter I pulled out her IV. She got off the bed walked into the restroom. She nurses in the doctor came in, looked at the empty bed and asked me strangely. Where’s your wife’s.

I said she got up and walked to the restroom. At that moment, you can hear the toilet flush. And then, the door open, as she walked out.

Seeing the shocked faces of the doctors and the nurses, and what is deemed to be a woman who is paralyzed that morning. Now is up the walk and will be walking out of that emergency room that night.

I knew deep down inside that there’s more to this functional medicine thing, along with the energy medicine. I knew that this may be the key to our pain and opiate crisis.

I believe that there are certain events in our lives, some are big and some are small. Some may be tragic and some emotionally stressful at all meant to have purposes. It’s really the universe way of telling us how to live a more meaningful life. For me that day was that event that shaped the next 25 years of my mission driven life.

I am grateful to stand here in front of you today to deliver you a simple message. And that message is, no matter what happens to you in your past, maybe happening to you now. Or maybe happening to you in the future. It’s always good to step back and reflect reframe our story reframe our mindset and understand that things happen for us, not to us.

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