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Vince helps you uncover your authentic self, share what you uniquely bring to the world and live your mission on purpose. He has brought spirituality and science together in a way that opens you to discovering your own path to living the life you are meant to live. Vince is the co-founder of Imagine Miracles and the host of The Miracle U podcast.  He developed the CREATE MODEL and the Your Unique Purpose Formula and uses them and his uncanny ability to guide you in producing breakthrough results and take Quantum Leaps in unlocking the hidden parts of you to Discover, Create and Live Your Miracle Life.

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Like you, transformation and human potential expert, Vince Kramer has seen personal growth training take many different forms over three decades.  No matter the form, people want results and support. It is Vince’s passion to partner with individuals, parents and groups in finding lasting empowerment, purpose and passion in creating businesses, relationships and lives by their design.

As a Speaker, Teacher, Author, and Guide, Vince brings a unique combination of experience, education and research in presenting keynotes, workshops and online training in finding happiness and success in living life by your design. Through extensive research and study in leading-edge science, he has developed specific methodologies and results-oriented activities to produce breakthrough results in self-discovery and self-empowerment.

He passionately believes everyone is unique and the creator of their own life. This passion combined with 30 years experience as corporate leader, entrepreneur and military officer gives him a unique perspective on bringing passion and purpose to every aspect of your life. It is his desire to inspire and empower you to find success and happiness by designing and creating a life fueled by your desires.

Vince‘s greatest strengths are his ability to connect and to answer a question in a way that anyone can not only understand the answer, but grasp the entire concept. He absolutely loves sharing life-transforming materials with his audiences and making a difference in even just one life brings him tremendous joy.

Vince and his wife, Mary, founded Imagine Miracles, which guides people of all walks of life how to discover, design and create their Miracle Life. Vince and Mary are also the founding members of a membership community, ImagineNation Miracles. He is the host of a weekly podcast, The Miracle U. Vince wrote and produced the Miracle Life Method, online training programs and associated workshops based on the Your Unique Purpose Formula and the C.R.E.AT.E. model. His others programs combined with these trainings open the door to the life you are meant to live.

Vince and his wife, Mary, are the owner/operators of the Sophia Retreat and Event Center in Dolores, Colorado. The center provides an intimate all-inclusive environment that supports facilitators and their clients in achieving maximum results. The center is the home of the Imagine Miracle’s workshops and is open to all groups and organizations desiring a place that assists them in providing a first class heart-based experience.

Vince and Mary in Colorado Springs, Colorado. When not sharing their passions, Vince and Mary love to travel and enjoy nature. Vince can be reached at or by visiting, or

“When you look beyond the fears, master your mind, and live on purpose the world can’t help but be a better place.”

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As my grandmother lay dying, she brought me into her cold, sterile hospital room and asked everyone else to leave. She obviously had something important to tell me, but her voice was so frail I had to lean in to hear anything she said. I’m not sure I remember her words exactly, but she wanted to remind me of something I said when I was five years old. Something I had tried to forget and would forget again for over 30 years.

I was just 17 years old, unable to understand the responsibility, let alone the depth of the meaning in the words she whispered just 10 minutes before she took her last breath. “when you were a little boy, you said that you wanted to help people love themselves so they could love others. Don’t ever forget.”

I knew exactly what my grandmother was talking about. I have a vivid memory of my five year old self lying on the lush, green grass looking up into the blue sky watching airplanes fly over wanting to be a pilot.  At the same time there was a calling or a pull wanting people to love themselves and each other.  

It didn’t take long to push that dream deep into my memory as I followed the advice and the guidance of the influential men in my life and became a “real man.” I competed, strived, achieved and obtained. I followed all the rules to success and I was good at it. But something was always missing and I kept looking for that thing that would make the feeling go away.

Finally I remembered and found my way back, but it took three crisis wake-up calls to get my attention; 9/11 and losing a friend on United Flt 93 a flight I piloted one week prior, the bankruptcy of United Airlines when my beliefs in loyalty and working hard were destroyed, and the one that really got my attention was the unexpected and devastating divorce from my wife of 21 years, marriage was supposed to last forever.

Lucky for me, a kinder gentler wake-up wasn’t far away. When I met Mary, my current wife and business partner, she opened my eyes and my mind to the concepts that form the foundation of our work together. I’ve dedicated my life to uncovering and sharing these concepts of science and spirituality and how they come together in each and every person living the life they are meant to live.

There is no doubt I’m here to be the co-pilot on people’s Quantum Journeys in awareness and bringing a combination of gifts and talents that are unique to them, I’m living the dream of my five year old self. I have found and am living my purpose, my divine intent, in helping others find and live theirs.  

What I’ve learned is we are all special and have a gift to offer, but the programming and fears we carry from the past get in the way of sharing it. By learning to move beyond those fears, master your mind and living on purpose the world can’t help but be a better place and each of us a self-empowered force. 

I now know and accept the science and magic behind the cosmic assignment I chose that was recognized and acknowledged by that innocent little five year old. I trust it was divinely given and I’m committed more than ever to meet the responsibility to teach and share by example the power of you and the power of purpose, the power of oneness and the power of love.

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