Yvonne B. McCoy

You Have Never Been the Same

Yvonne McCoy, Women’s Business Strategist helps women leaders elegantly navigate time, teams and talents to maximize impact! I am passionate about helping women to have the life they deserve by making sustainable changes on their own terms. By discovering their confident, powerful leadership style, I help them enable their full potential by creatively manage constant change posed by the competitive demands of a fast paced global economy.

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Her extensive experience in coaching, divisional operations and in diversified job training assist clients in creating innovative and successful coaching and training solutions. Her facilitated process integrates the performance and learning needs of the organization, the job and the individual for organization-wide results. 

She has created and developed innovative and workable programs that act as catalyst for empowering clients to define and reach their goals. Organizational programs, include: Effective Communications, Customer Service, Team Building, Problem Solving, Supervisor Training and Managing Change, 

Money and Time. Individual and team coaching continue the internalization of the learning process through situational application. Together, these customized, interactive, and cost-efficient programs increase productivity, innovation, employee development and retention. 

Yvonne earned a B.A. in Communication from Temple University and a M.B.A. in finance and accounting from the Wharton School, Graduate Division. She is a graduate of Corporate Business Coaching Program at Corporate Coach U as well as a certified NLP Practitioner. As founder of ADEPT Coach and Consultant, she designed the ADEPT Living model.  Her work experience includes managing a divisional operation with gross sales of $1.5 million, expanding the scope of an adult literacy workforce training program and collaborating with businesses, agencies and educational partners on developing workforce initiatives. As the past host of I’m Ready 4 Me on BlogTalk Radio, she focused on change & success strategies to enrich professional & personal life.

She has presented workshops on reinvesting employees and developing workplace programs for the Workforce Task Force of the Columbus, Ohio Chamber of Commerce, Pennsylvania Association of Adult Continuing Education, New Jersey Association for Lifelong Learning and the Quality Circle of the Small Business Administration.  Her coordinated systematic job-related training programs have been successful in a variety of workplaces including retail, services, manufacturing and training organizations.

“I learned that change, discomfort and chaos are a constant part of growing that is not always easy or comfortable.”

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My brother once told me, “You’ve never been the same since you went to Holland.” You know what?  He was right! My high school foreign exchange experience changed everything in my life and people noticed.  I remember how I felt at the British Airways gate at LaGuardia Airport. Having never been on a plane before, flying to a new country had me both excited and afraid. I didn’t know at the time just how much this year long adventure would change my life.  When I landed in Europe it was a cultural shock that would scare most kids my age, but frankly, I loved it. I stepped into a freedom I had never had before. The Dutch language, the Dutch food and my new Dutch family I couldn’t get enough! My whole life positioning had changed. In Holland, I was the youngest sibling, instead of the oldest back in the states. I was treated like a celebrity.  And for a black girl, my color didn’t matter. And for the first time in my teenage life, I didn’t have to diet because I was biking to school 100 miles a week. My entire mind, body and soul felt completely FREE! The gift of cultural immersion gave me a unique opportunity to see myself as a confident, smart and beautiful black woman in a predominantly white world. So when I returned to America’s riotous civil rights movement after my assignment was over, I struggled. I felt trapped.  But I knew I was capable. In an era unsafe for a confident black woman, my family was scared of my new me and frankly, they wanted the old me back. For months, I watched my ideas be belittled or stolen as I shrunk into the background just trying to get along. Something that would continue into adulthood. I didn’t realize it, but from that point on, I looked at things differently. I learned that change, discomfort and chaos are a constant part of growing that is not always easy or comfortable. Underneath it all, I realized that my secret power was seeing things differently. As my power matured, I developed a strong sense of assurance and calm even in the unknown. Instead of buying into my family’s fear of seeing the world as dangerous    and discouraging risks and exploration, I focused on creating new perspectives. I knew there were more creative ways to get answers. To this day my brother still says, You haven’t been the same since your trip to Holland. Although I’m decades wiser, I often lean on the spunky teenager to be my trusted advisor. Even when I’m coaching my executive clients, who come from all walks of life, her leadership is often the driving force behind my guidance. `Carefree, creative, fearless and free. Sharing her confidence is my gift to the world.

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