Emi Kirschner

Ride Your Lion

Investor, serial entrepreneur, coach and international speaker, Emi Kirschner, masterfully combines her intuitive abilities with her analytical sense to help entrepreneurs and visionary leaders build businesses that make impact while doubling revenue.

She is an expert in:

  • Implementing strategic, long term plans
  • Increasing productivity and performance while reducing stress
  • Increasing sales by maximizing process and lead capture
  • Building leadership and communication skills for business owners

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Emi is a Young Entrepreneur Academy instructor where she teaches 7th-12th graders how to write a business plan and pitch to investors. She sits on the Board of FemCity Philadelphia, one of the largest women’s business networking groups in Philadelphia.

Currently Emi lives outside of Philadelphia with her two entrepreneurial inspired teenage boys and two dogs. A foodie and beach lover, Emi plans her extensive travel around where she will eat and can wear flip flops.

“Because I know that when we all play together, the world will look like a different place.”

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When I was a little girl. I dreamed of riding a lion. I saw myself sitting proudly holding his mane. As he majestically stroll down Fifth Avenue in New York City. I was sparkly and spunky and rambunctious. That was until I went to elementary school where I was told to quiet down and walk on the blue line. It was very interesting because I was confused why I got in trouble. And the boys didn’t for playing the same game. Never mind that at family gatherings, my sister and I were repeatedly told little girls are seen, but not heard. I thought the adults knew something of course because they were grownups. So I systematically became silent.

My family and I moved around a lot. Three elementary schools, two junior high’s and three high schools. I got really good at starting over and over and over. I also got really good at learning to disconnect and say goodbye. They got easier just to disconnect than it did to make new friends. As I got older, I was told repeatedly then order to succeed to get ahead. It was drilled into me that I had to work hard. Life was hard. It was all really hard. I was so programmed with this and so silent that even when I had my children, and they were small, playing with nothing but something that I had to check off the to do list. There was no joy. What woke me. Finally, was my divorce. I had nothing. Just my kids, and realizing the prince charming wasn’t galloping in to save me. It dawned on me, I could create exactly what I wanted. I could be who I wanted to be. And I did exactly that I didn’t have to live by anybody’s standards or their rules. And I suddenly for the first time since I was five reconnected with my dreams. My wishes, my goals, and most importantly, play. I fully committed to my kids having that experience, and then reaching their goals. I made sure that they had a voice. Even when I still hadn’t found mine. It was an incredible time. And even now, we played together, fully, we make the impossible possible. It’s an incredible experience. And that is my gift to you tonight, go ride your lion. Go play by your own rules, and if you don’t know what they are. Just make them the f#%k up. I committed a year ago to impacting a million people to do just that. Because I know that when we all play together, the world will look like a different place.

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