Moira Ní Ghallachóir

Life’s Five Star Rating

Moira helps small business owners and entrepreneurs enrol more clients and make more money doing what they love! So they enjoy more success, more freedom and fuel a life they love (even if they hate sales!).

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She left her secure 9-5 job in London, to return home to Donegal: To fulfill her own dream of freedom by showing entrepreneurs throughout Ireland how to live their own dreams of building profitable businesses.

Starting from nothing, she first built a travel business that served 1000 travelers from all over the world. And then shared the business secrets she discovered with scores of business owners, building her coaching business from debt to half a million Euros in annual revenue in less than three years. (All from her home office!)

Moira continues to build her reach, authority and following, inspiring entrepreneurs worldwide along their own rapid path to the contacts, contracts, clients, profits, (and freedom!) they dream of, all without complicated technical strategies. So they can start having the business they want and the life they want … now!

The story of her remarkable success has been featured widely in the press including the Irish Independent Business supplement and the national broadcasters – RTÉ Marian Finucane show. She writes a monthly column on business for RTE and is a published author in a #1 Best Seller book on Amazon. In 2018 Moira was accredited with the All-Star Business Coaching from the Business All-Star program, an annual competition designed to identify, recognize and accredit Irish companies and individuals that have distinguished themselves in the conduct of their business. In 2016, Moira was nominated for the Image BusinessWoman of the Year Awards, Start- Up Category. With her annual Transatlantic speaking tour called Waking The Giants, Moira brings her inspired, dynamic, successful brand of business mentoring all over Ireland and the United States, showing entrepreneurs a bigger vision for their own businesses.

“The simplest moments are the biggest lesson from my life. Just remember what you asked for is what you will get. What you choose you will get, what you believe you will get.”

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You know of Uber and Lift, the rideshare service? Isn’t it funny that a few years ago, we’d never dreamed of riding in a stranger’s car? That was the best thing ever.

I got an Uber in New York. I was in a real rush. And I got my flight and I just have to take the first car I could get. I said let’s go, let’s go. This guy pulls up and his car (it’s a really awkward car) but I get in the car anyway and the guy is really friendly. He asked where I was from, what am I doing here etc. I said I’m from Doneygal, Ireland and I am speaking at a conference here in NYC. He’s asked what is Doneygal like? I explained how It’s really small. You know he was so friendly and so nice, and I got to my destination.

I go to get out and I say thanks a million times, really nice to meet you, bye. But he goes, “Can you give me a five-star rating?” I said why and he was like, well I want to boost my score. I pull out my phone I give the guy a five-star rating and go on with my day. And I’m like, Damn, why don’t I think like this?

And then all day I’m thinking about this. I finally get on the plane home and I was like you know when something is on your mind and you’re like you know there is a lesson here and it was just like what is it? What is it?! Now after a few days I really thought about it.

And it was three things I learned to not experience having a massive impact on my life.

First thing is to get what you ask for. I asked for an average car that day, I didn’t ask for Uber black or fancy car, I asked for an average car to come quickly. You get what you get what you order in life, right.

Second thing is, I didn’t choose another way, I didn’t choose a more luxurious way. I was comparing this to a service that I thought was below par, but something I thought I should have had better. I started comparing my life with this car.

The third thing, and this is the biggest one of all. I think this is what we all struggle with this Uber driver. He asked me for that rating, not based on this experience, but based on his belief that he deserved that. And he deserved a five-star rating. It was an average car at a five-star rating.

The simplest moments are the biggest lesson from my life. Just remember what you asked for is what you will get. What you choose you will get, what you believe you will get.

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